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Thanks for visiting our page. We hope you enjoy the video of our story and find out why we are so passionate about our mission. We look forward to INSPIRING your Teachers, helping your school ACHIEVE success, and MOTIVATING your students!

Our Mission

The Reading Academy, LLC is an Educational Consulting Firm whose mission is to Inspire teachers, help schools Achieve success, and Motivate students. We transform classrooms from being mundane and mediocre into becoming energetic, nurturing communities that establish children on a journey of reading and educational excellence!



    One of the many strengths of The Reading Academy, LLC is our ability to relate to and INSPIRE teachers. Our EMPOWER workshop, which consists of five training sessions held over four days, is designed to show teachers respect and appreciation for the jobs they do on a day to day basis, and then to “stir up the gifts” inside each of them. Without passion for what we do, instruction within the classroom can become dull and mundane, students become bored, and learning declines. The first portion of our exciting, research-based intellectual workshops gives the “why” behind our educational practices. The second portion of our training gives the “how” to effectively combine Brain Compatible Learning with Scientifically-Based Reading Research through the implementation of The Sunny Little Corner™ curriculum.



    Current Brain Research reveals that students should no longer be passive in their attempts to learn, but rather must be ACTIVELY ENGAGED! When teachers are trained through the EMPOWER WORKSHOP and students are engaged at a high level with The Sunny Little Corner™ curriculum, ACHIEVEMENT goes UP, BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS go DOWN, and learning excels!



    The Sunny Little Corner curriculum is immediately loved by teachers, students, and parents. Not only is The Sunny Little Corner a “happy little place where all the letters of the alphabet live…” but it also creates a joyous, happy, exciting classroom in which students are intrinsically MOTIVATED, take ownership to their own learning, and experience their own personal success with targeted goals. When students are ACTIVELY ENGAGED, singing, chanting, cheering, and moving, they are learning! These Research-Based Brain Compatible strategies are perfect for ALL students and effectively meet the needs of the Dyslexic learner.


How do we keep students ACTIVELY ENGAGED?

How do we keep students ACTIVELY ENGAGED?

The Reading Academy, LLC provides teacher training that is unique and different from any other, in that we combine . . .

Scientifically-Based Reading Research with Brain Based Teaching Techniques! There is also a Weekly Teacher Training Video Blog that can be accessed for Grade Level Meetings and PLC’s!
Visual Learning
Our Skill Application Pages help students VISUALLY connect with what they've learned through auditory and kinesthetic participation with the Sunny Little Corner phonics songs.
Auditory Learning
Not only are students connected through AUDITORY senses with the fun, fast-paced Sunny Little Corner songs, but teachers are trained in specific Confidence Based Repetition strategies that engage students with chants, cheers, and phonemic awareness activities.
Kinestheic Learning
Research now shows the strong connection between muscular development and cognition. The Sunny Little Corner combines purposeful movement right along with the curriculum, keeping students highly engaged, motivated, and learning at an amazing rate!

Parent Testimonials

" The reading academy truly provided the foundation she needed to become a solid, confident reader and now just one year later, she's unstoppable."
" The reading program, 'The Sunny Little Corner' provided by The Reading Academy was a huge success with teaching my two children to read. I've never seen them more excited to learn something and was impressed at how easily they begin to read words."
" The Reading Academy and 'The Sunny Little Corner' presented by Mrs. Vann was very helpful in teaching my oldest daughter to learn and understand English as a second language.