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Making learning FUN even while at home!

Dear Parents,

These are challenging times for many of us, however we are not alone!  We have each other and more importantly, we have a God who loves us and cares for us and promises to never leave or forsake us!  That's a huge comfort to me and I trust it is to you as well.  

I am very excited about our new virtual learning opportunity for our incoming Kindergarten students!  Learning, even at home, well....ESPECIALLY at home, needs to be engaging and motivating and rewarding and fun!!  Your child should not be required to sit sedentary at home while staring at a computer screen.  This is why The Sunny Little Corner is going to be so wonderful for you and your child!!  As you purchase The Sunny Little Corner Homeschool Kit, your child will have his/her very own Reading Club Notebook right in front of them along with The Sunny Little Sight Word booklet and you will then become a member of our online learning!  Mrs. Karen will be engaging your child in fine motor and gross motor skills each day as your child become a fluent reader!  There's not sitting still! Movement, laughter, and high engagement has always been an important piece of The Sunny Little Corner for over 25 years and NOW it can happen right in the convenience and safety of your own home!  

The Sunny Little Corner has a built in reward system and as your child moves through the program he/she will feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride!  You too will get to be a large part of the learning simply by listening to your child read, recite, or sing their lessons and then by being your child's BIGGEST FAN!  

For years, and from the inception of this reading program, we have stood upon the scripture from Isaiah 54:13 which states "all the children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of the children".  Little did we know then how crucial and timely this scripture would be as we together face our current situation.  Children need peace, they need joy, they need laughter, and The Sunny Little Corner is here to accomplish that goal with YOU!

Warm Regards,

Karen Vann, Ed.S.

Leaders of Their Own Learning

Leaders of Their Own Learning

     There's a great deal of talk these days in the field of education for students to become "Leaders of Their Own Learning" Which, is an incredible concept, but how do we as Early Childhood and Elementary Educators get a six year old child or for that matter even a five year old child to truly become a Leader of Their Own Learning, when sometimes we are just challenged to get 20 students to and from the bathroom in a timely manner, or explain what it means to "ask" a question and not answer the question "What is your favorite thing about school?" with a remark about how "one time my little brother found a bug and put it under his pillow", or why it's not a good idea to put "chicken bones in our shoes" (true story)!!  And yet, due to our many talents, (and God given gifts) we somehow do manage to take these young students from where they are when they enter our classrooms and move them up the ladder of social/emotional development and up the ladder of academic achievement, and most times it is through OUR own prodding and pulling, and coaching, and encouraging!  (No wonder we teachers crash on the couch at 7:45!)

     But, what if I told you there IS a much easier way to get young students to take hold of their learning, to actually ASK to go on to the next skill level, to be EXCITED and INTRINSICALLY MOTIVATED, about their successes and achievements to the point that YOU as the teacher are doing your best just to keep up with THEIR ENTHUSIASM AND GOAL SETTING?  YES....this is also ANOTHER TRUE STORY!  What if I told you that teaching didn't have to mean hours and hours of planning and stress, but that it could be fun and exciting and enjoyable for YOU as well as the students?  The Sunny Little Corner does ALL of that and even more, no wonder teachers leave The Reading Academy Teacher Training Sessions excited about their teaching!  Our program is loved by teachers because it was created and tested and actually USED by a teacher year after year for more than 20 years and yet it remains current and relevant to today's teaching concepts!  Teachers leave our workshops excited and passionate about their profession again!  We provide the TOOLS and you as the teacher provide the nurture, the kindness, and the CONNECTION with your students!  The Sunny Little Corner is designed in such a way as to provide the format of HOW to learn, and then the students quickly take hold and move forward, becoming the LEADER OF THEIR OWN LEARNING, very quickly with their own Personal Learning Plan, still teacher GUIDED AND FACILITATED,  but PROPELLED by the LEARNER!

     Parents also love this program too because The Sunny Little Corner Reading Club Notebook is a strong connection that bridges the gap between home and school and parents stay informed and know exactly what phonics skill their child is working on, which skill their child has mastered, and what their child's next goal will be.  We have had parents tell us "My child had to take her Reading Club Notebook on vacation with us!" Or, "My child actually wants to sleep with his Reading Club Notebook!"  Please, do yourself a favor as an educator and learn more about The Reading Academy, LLC and our Reading Program, The Sunny Little Corner!!



Why every school should have The Sunny Little Corner!

Why every school should have The Sunny Little Corner!
The Sunny Little Corner is a cutting edge reading curriculum resource unique to any other in that it bridges the gap between phonics songs and page application skills. When you connect these two, nothing short of a multi-sensory miracle happens in the classroom! Teachers and students CONNECT for increased academic and behavioral success in your schools.