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Why every school should have The Sunny Little Corner!

Why every school should have The Sunny Little Corner!

The Sunny Little Corner is so much more than your average Reading Program or Supplemental Resource.  Teachers who attend our Workshops leave excited, inspired, and re-energized!  It's time that we as teachers remember who we are!  We are gifted, talented, professionals, who at one time, desired to teach students with JOY and enthusiasm.  Have you lost that spark?  Have you found yourself in the doldrums when it comes to your feelings towards your own instruction?  Let us give you a few tools to ignite your own God-given creativity and passion for what you are called to do! It's not about US, it's about YOU being the best educator you can be for the students you have the privilege of teaching!

For the past ten to fifteen years, teachers have been handcuffed to heavy handed mandates.  Mandates don't support responsive teaching nor do they support best practice.  Teachers must regain their confidence in their own teaching abilities and know that learning can and should be fun for both the teacher as well as the student.  No one, in any profession wants to sit behind a kidney table (And rightfully named as so many of us make regular visits to the urologist....yes...that's a joke...sort of!)  for hours on end, and yet that is what has been expected of teachers.  Not only have we implemented the reading strategy of "sit, stay" with our young students, but in essence we as educators have been asked to do the same.  Enough of the boring!  Let's get up and get moving!  It's not healthy for anyone to sit and sit and sit throughout the course of a school day, so why not get up and sing, move, cheer, dance, and yes....even laugh!  All of these are researched based strategies when it comes to learning!

When we laugh, endorphins are being released in the brain which then, in turn, triggers the memory cells.  When we move, dance, cheer, or just get active, our brains are being oxygenated and setting the stage for learning to take place.  The kinesthetic strategies that you have been told are good for the Dyslexic Learner are simply just as good for EVERYONE!  ACTIVE READING, ACTIVE WRITING, and Community Learning are all parts of The Sunny Little Corner!!  Want to know more?  Find our You Tube videos.  Search for "phonics songs with Karen Vann" and you should find four of our favorites, listed below:

Green Light Letters; Ch, Th, and Wh; The Sight Word Song; Oy Boy It's OY!

We don't offer a four inch thick Teacher Guide, but rather a visual experience with the program creator.  Want to watch our Weekly Teacher's Support Video Guide, contact us and we can let you know how!  

Be blessed and not stressed and enjoy the gift you've been given!!!