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Rorie Scroggins

Rorie Scroggins, Occupational Therapist

Rorie Scroggins, an Occupational Therapist with nearly 20 years of experience, speaks about The Sunny Little Corner curriculum. "When I first experienced the kids with the Sunny Little Corner, I could not believe all the things Mrs. Vann has incorporated into this curriculum!" She goes on to say  "The students are balancing while they are singing, they are doing hand movements, coordinating their finger movements.....all of this will provide students with overall better brain development in fine motor skills and cognitive development which translates into better handwriting and reading skills!"


LaTasha McMillan, ESL Teacher

ESL teacher, LaTasha McMillan discusses The Sunny Little Corner program.  "What I say blew me away!"  She goes on to say that "all students are highly engaged and every single student, even the ones that didn't know any English at all!"


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