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The Reading Academy Workshop

Our EMPOWER Workshop is the most significant training session a school could schedule to revolutionize the culture of the school classrooms.  This workshop is described by teachers as “fun”, “exciting”, “motivating”, and “informative”!

The EMPOWER workshop consists of Four Full Days of packed full training that gets teachers up, moving, and motivated!

Here are the incredible sessions:

Day 1

101. Active Reading Whole Group Fun

    Would you love to be a "fly on the wall" and see a Whole Group reading lesson that is lively, engaging, and motivational for your students?  As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"!  Come take a front row seat and watch an exciting Whole Group Reading Lesson that will motivate you to go back to the classroom with renewed passion and excitement and is rooted in reading research.  In this session, you will be empowered with LOTS of great ideas to keep students excited about learning to read!  You will return to your own classroom with renewed vision and strength! Join us for this energizing session and find out just what an Active Reading Whole Group lesson looks like!!
      This session correlates with SONGBOOK and SLC Phonics cd.

      Day 2

      201. Skill and Drill is such a Thrill!

        You may have heard that skilling and drilling is old school…but if that’s true, why are so many Fortune 500 companies bringing it back into their own training sessions?  Repetition of specific skills is now supported by current research and significantly increases memory retention. Skill and Drill is one sure fire way to make sure your students are confident and capable to decode, achieve automaticity, and become fluent readers. Come and see how skill and drill can be a thrill, keep all students engaged at a high level, and even be fun for you as a teacher.
          This session correlates with SONGBOOK, SLC Phonics cd, and Poetry Pages.

          Day 3

          301. No-Fear Phonics

            Do you want to teach phonics, but don't know where to start? Did you yourself grow up in the "whole language" approach to reading and therefore you don't have a strong understanding of phonics skills?  Then, this session is for you! Learn how to easily teach an amazingly strong phonics lesson in which students are highly engaged, having fun, and learning at their optimum level.  You will truly enjoy learning how to teach phonics through chants, cheers, songs, and strategies! Join us for this session and you'll quickly realize that there is nothing to FEAR when teaching Phonics!
              This session correlates with SONGBOOK, SLC Phonics cd, Poetry Pages, Word Families, Daily Practice, Sentence Practice, and our well loved Sunny Little Sight Word Books.

              401: Rigor, Rhythm and Reading!

                Can rigor be fun? YES it can!  How can we as teachers make the most of every minute during the reading block?  Can we increase the rigor and still have students smiling, engaged, and motivated to achieve?  YES!  In this packed session, you will find out how to set a classroom standard of fun yet maintain a high level of rigor and skill with the instruction.  You will be amazed at just how far students can go when their every minute is chocked full of rigor, rhythm, and reading!


                The Reading Academy Workshop

                Day 4

                Presentation of Kits And Next Steps With Teachers 

                To see more photos and videos of our Empower Workshop, check us out on Facebook at The Reading Academy.

                At our Presentation of Teacher Kits and Next Steps Session, teachers are given the opportunity to really get comfortable with each component of The Sunny Little Corner Kit. Teachers will be taken through The Sunny Little Corner Scope and Sequence and plan a Whole Group and Small Group Lesson together. We will thoroughly answer any questions, model lessons, and provide support for teachers to take The Sunny Little Corner back into their classrooms and bring the excitement and success to their students!


                  The Sunny Little Corner™ Basic Teacher's Kit and The EMPOWER workshop should be purchased together. 


                  For Professional Development Opportunities, availability, and pricing, please contact:


                  Leslie O'Kelley 

                  Director of Client Development