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The Sunny Little Corner™ is the selected Reading Program chosen by The Reading Academy LLC and unlike any phonics program you’ve ever seen!

Sunny - “Every classroom should be warm, nurturing, and energizing.”
Little – “Every child needs to be a big part of a little community.”
Corner – “Every teacher needs to know that a firm foundation begins with a strong Corner stone.”
The Sunny Little Corner™ will have your Kindergarten and First Grade students starting off with an incredibly strong reading foundation with all the Scientific Reading Research components of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary Development, and Text Comprehension uniquely taught through Kinesthetic and Brain-Based teaching strategies.  It is perfect for reaching the DYSLEXIC learner and also suited for Remedial Second Grade or INTERVENTION group students as well. The lessons contained within The Sunny Little Corner™ program will serve students well throughout their education and prepare them to confidently decode multi-syllabic wording inThird, Fourth, and Fifth grade text! bic wording inThirdFourth, and Fifth grade text! 


Having a strong phonics background will insure that students’ reading scores do not drop once they enter Third Grade and encounter unfamiliar, multi-syllabic words.

BUT….. the thing that makes our program so different from any other Reading Program is that the methodology behind The Sunny Little Corner™ is consistent with current Brain-Based Kinesthetic learning that is so effective in reaching the Dyslexic student, the English Language Learner, as well as the Regular Ed. Student.

The thing that makes The Sunny Little Corner™ so incredibly unique is the fact that phonics is taught through

songs, chants, rhythm, and rhyme and then……it is CONNECTED TO THE TEXT.

No other program has all of this!!

Students learn the songs, are up singing and moving, then seated with opportunity for application and mastery of skills taught through the use of purposeful skill application pages that go hand-in-hand with the songs!

Comments we’ve received after visitors observe in The Sunny Little Corner™ classroom include: “amazing”, “incredible”, “wow!” and “I never knew a classroom could be so lively and yet so productive in terms of attainment and mastery of reading skills”.

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Another unique piece is….

The Accountability Element of the program. The Accountability Element is one of the most favorite components of The Sunny Little Corner™.

Parents, Teachers, and Students ALL have accountability to this program through The Reading Club Notebooks™ and the “I Practice Every Day” page! The program has built in documentation that is helpful in Parent/Teacher meetings, and IEP meetings.

Want to know what the program entails?

Teachers receive explicit hands-on training as to how The Sunny Little Corner™ should best be implemented into their classroom through our exciting and engaging Teacher Workshops, On Site Model Lessons, and ongoing Professional Development from our inspiring Specialists.