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The Sunny Little Corner Reading Program is the most powerful, amazing reading program you will ever encounter!  What makes The Sunny Little Corner so special is the story behind HOW it came to be.
Here is our story…..
    Years ago, as a teacher in a public-school, Mrs. Vann, the program creator, saw a huge discrepancy between what students were accomplishing in terms of Reading Achievement in the public school and what students were achieving in the nearby private school.  Although, these two schools were only a couple of miles apart in their physical locations, the goals and expectations for the public-school students were far below that of the private school students.  Mrs. Vann became passionate about seeing students in public school achieve the same level of success as the students in the nearby private school.  Her mindset was, “if our students are exposed to the same expectations and same goals, they will achieve and meet those goals.”  That year, with special permission from her administrator, she began working on The Sunny Little Corner Reading Curriculum.  That was 25 years ago! Each year, the program increased in depth and proficiency.  After seeing years of success in the classroom, Mrs. Vann then was able to put her program and well-developed teaching strategies to the test when she became a Reading Coach at the LOWEST PERFORMING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in her state.  After only ONE year of training teachers with these specific strategies and implementation of The Sunny Little Corner, the school overwhelming increased their scores overall by 40%!  
    Subsequently, Mrs. Vann found herself as a System Level Reading Specialist and once again tested the techniques and program at a much larger level as she serviced TEN of the neediest schools in her school system.  For the next four years, these schools showed consistent growth and proficiency in reading, with many schools obtaining END OF YEAR goals by MID-YEAR!  
    Since that time, Mrs. Vann has trained hundreds of teachers, recorded an entire Phonics CD, created several YOUTUBE videos, marketed The Sunny Little Corner internationally, and provided many teachers with new passion and new excitement for teaching.  The Sunny Little Corner is more than just another reading program, it truly gets to the heart of instruction, by engaging students through song, chants, cheers, dance, and poetry.  
    Let us at The Reading Academy tell you more about how The Sunny Little Corner can brighten your classrooms, INSPIRE your teachers, help your school ACHIEVE success and MOTIVATE your students!  
Our success story can become YOUR success story!
Your friends at The Reading Academy, LLC.


Based off this knowledge, teachers gain a deeper understanding as to how their instruction should be geared to meet ALL the needs of each and every student, and yet are also trained on how easily and confidently these strategies can be implemented.

Through the training of The Reading Academy, LLC and implementation of The Sunny Little Corner™ the entire process is truly revolutionary as it transforms the average classroom from being mundane to that of being lively, interactive, multi-sensory, joyful, and most importantly, productive.